Four key factors for choosing the ultimate Sussex wedding venue

Are you recently engaged and planning a wedding or civil partnership ceremony in Sussex? Here’s why finding the ultimate Sussex wedding venue should be top of your to-do list.

For most people, the variables when planning a wedding include their chosen caterer, their food choices, their flowers and more.

But when it comes to the venue itself, people tend to be very insistent on what they’re looking for.

In many cases, the choice of venue is the first thing that’s locked and loaded.

Here are four reasons why a wedding at Michelham Priory can tick all the right boxes.

Sussex wedding venue - Michelham Priory
  • #1 – A unique wedding venue in a unique setting

The move towards finding a venue unlike any other has been a powerful one in recent years, and it’s easy to see why.

The wedding itself is a truly bespoke affair. You’ve been involved in personally selecting and adapting every aspect of the big day. So why pick a venue that looks just like any other?

Michelham Priory, a stunning location set on a picturesque private island, has everything, including the famously dramatic Elizabethan Great Barn, the perfect setting for a beautiful ceremony that will stay in the memory banks for a lifetime.

  • #2 – The ideal layout for a smooth, seamless occasion

Whether you choose the Great Barn or the Prior’s Chamber in the house itself, the supporting infrastructure offers everything you need.

There’s a playground to keep the children entertained, romantic waterside gardens, an iconic medieval moat, a secluded courtyard and an idyllic terrace.

Michelham Priory can accommodate everything you need for the perfect day. With seven acres of private grounds and ample free parking, you can plan your perfect day to the finest detail.

Everything will be where you want, how you want and when you want.This is a Sussex wedding venue that lends itself perfectly to the art of effective, enjoyable wedding planning.

    • #3 – The wow factor every wedding should have

If you ask most people about the best way to make a wedding unique, the chances are they will mention the venue first.

If you think the last five weddings you attended were very nice, but none of them particularly stands out from the rest, choosing a wow-type venue can make all the difference.

In other words, avoid anything that can be described as being ‘much of a muchness’.

Michelham Priory – historic, rich in character, dripping with heritage and totally unique – brings you the setting that everyone will remember.

    • #4 – Then, of course, there are the photos…

Wedding photos are the permanent reminder of an unforgettable day, so you want them to be the very best.

Skilled, creative photographers can provide you with glorious images, and the photo opportunities at Michelham Priory are spectacular.

You can choose from so many options, including the immaculate gardens, the historic exteriors, the beautiful moat, the iconic Elizabethan Barn and of course the interior of the house, where images are framed by ornate fireplaces and period furniture.

So when you start to think about the venue for your wedding, ask yourself if any venue is able to offer all that Michelham Priory can. Your big day, your dream occasion, deserves the very best, obviously, but it also deserves something truly unique.





Sussex Wedding Venue - drinks on the terrace outside the barn at Michelham Priory


Want to know more about Weddings at Michelham Priory?

Are you recently engaged and planning your special day? Join us at the Sussex Wedding Showcase on February 26, 2023 at Michelham Priory.

The event will feature dozens of wedding experts to provide tips and ideas for your big day.

Whether you are trying to find the ultimate Sussex wedding venue, meet the perfect local supplier or perhaps pick up inspiration for some of the special added extras, this event will help ensure you have the most magical wedding.

Entry to the event is free but pre-booking is essential.

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Sussex Wedding Showcase will take place at Michelham Priory on February 24, 2023

Other Sussex Wedding venues

Michelham Priory is one of three stunning wedding venues which are owned and cared for by Sussex Past, the trading name of The Sussex Archaeological Society.

All our venues are licensed for weddings and civil ceremonies, catering is available, and wow-factor is guaranteed. 

Start your future in Sussex’s picturesque past. Click below for further details on our wedding venues or click here to make an enquiry.

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A perfect barn wedding on your own private island at Michelham Priory