• England’s longest water filled moat surrounds this stunning historic house and gardens.

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  • See the Castle’s Barbican and climb the tower for spectacular views from this 1000 year old Norman Castle.

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  • Find out about life in the past with hands-on crafts, story boxes, dressing up and discovery trails for all the family.

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  • Explore the Tudor and Elizabethan way of life through this majestic house, museum and garden.

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  • From handling artefacts to digging for treasure. Make your own archaeological discoveries and bring history to life!

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  • The only one of its kind open to the public in the Weald. Inside hosts a wonderful collection of Victorian curiosities.

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  • See this fine chequerboard example of Norman stonework and  uncover Shoreham’s maritime and local history.

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  • Explore this famous Roman home, garden and archaeological site with the largest collection of early mosaic floors in Britain.

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