• England’s longest water filled moat surrounds this stunning historic house and gardens.

  • See the Castle’s Barbican and climb the tower for spectacular views from this 1000 year old Norman Castle.

  • Find out about life in the past with hands-on crafts, story boxes, dressing up and discovery trails for all the family.

  • Explore the Tudor and Elizabethan way of life through this majestic house, museum and garden.

  • From handling artefacts to digging for treasure. Make your own archaeological discoveries and bring history to life!

  • The only one of its kind open to the public in the Weald. Inside hosts a wonderful collection of Victorian curiosities.

  • See this fine chequerboard example of Norman stonework and  uncover Shoreham’s maritime and local history.

  • Explore this famous Roman home, garden and archaeological site with the largest collection of early mosaic floors in Britain.

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Our properties

We are pleased to announce that author and historian Tom Holland has agreed to be the patron of our Celebrating 175 Years appeal.

Although we have been hit hard by the coronavirus lockdown, and our properties are at risk of permanent closure, we still hope to mark our next anniversary, the 175th, in style.

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APPEAL PATRON Tom Holland: “How wonderful it is that in a county as rich in history as Sussex even the archaeological society – an absolute model of how to preserve and cherish the legacy of the past – should be 175 years old next June. Now is the perfect opportunity to help it flourish for at least another 175 years.”




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Covid-19 Update

All our properties are currently closed, but we will be reopening Michelham Priory  [gardens, cafe and toilets only] from 4 July, with exclusive Member-only days 1-3 July. The house itself is due to reopen on 20 July.

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