Membership pricing

Membership type Pricing
Standard Member

Standard adult membership (18+)

Joint Member

2 people living at the same address

Student Member

Please supply a copy of your student card or your student no

Family Member (A)

1 adult + children

Family Member (B)

2 adults + children

Lifetime Member

1 adult

Membership type Pricing
Standard to joint

Upgrade an existing standard membership to include another adult

Upgrade Joint to family

Upgrade an existing Joint membership (2 people living at the same address) to a Family Membership (2 adults and 1 child)


From our visitors

"Incredibly stunning place. You get a medieval feel and can imagine being there as a King. They have done well to keep it like this and would highly recommend"

TheoB via Tripadvisor - Lewes Castle

“A Trip Back in Time. Fascinating history of the Roman Palace. Well explained. Lots to see in the museum and the remains. Incredible detail in the layout of the Palace.”

Sue A via Tripadvisor - Fishbourne Roman Palace

“Go Visit NOW! The gardens are genuinely some of the most beautiful we’ve seen. We are going back soon.”

HorshamLass via Tripadvisor - Michelham Priory

“This was such an interesting place to come to. You could really feel the history of this place.”

Fifi582014 via Tripadvisor - The Priest House and Gardens

Membership FAQs

How long before my application is processed?

We will post your welcome pack and membership card. Please allow 10 working days

If you join at the Society at any of our properties, you will be issued with a temporary membership card, valid for one month, to allow you to visit our other properties while you are awaiting your joining pack.

If you join online, your order confirmation with barcode will act as a temporary membership card while you are awaiting your joining pack.

How long does my membership last?

With the exception of Life membership, all our subscriptions run for a year from the month in which you join.

Can I buy membership as a gift?

Absolutely! If you are purchasing the membership online, it’s a good idea to email confirmation that it is a gift purchase and include any special messages.

Can I take a guest to any of the Society’s events?

Non-members are welcome at all our events (except the AGM). Ticket prices are as advertised.

When can I start using the Library at Barbican House?

Whenever the Barbican House Museum, along with other researchers.  Members may also use the Library at weekends when it is unstaffed. For new members, we would strongly recommend that your first visit to the Library is during the week when there will be someone who can show you around and direct you to the specific areas in which you are interested.

What publications do I receive as a member?

You will receive a copy of our newsletter Sussex Past and Present in April, August and December. A current copy is sent with your joining pack, and some back copies may be available – please ask.

Do I need to pre-book tickets to visit one of the Historic properties?

No, there is no need to pre-book. Just turn up!