Renew your membership

Thank you for renewing your membership of the Society!

Membership rates

You can find your current subscription rate on your membership card.

O – Standard member (1 person): £40
J – Joint member (2 people living at the same address): £58
S – Student member (please supply a copy of your student card or your student no): £20
F1 – Family member (1 adult + children): £45
F2 – Family member (2 adults + children):  £70

If you live outside the UK, please add £15 to the rates above for extra postage (+POST). If you would like a hardback edition (+B) of the Sussex Archaeological Collections instead of the paperback edition that is standard, please add £6 (if you join online, just tick the relevant boxes on the payment form).

To renew now, please visit our payment page. There is a text field near the end of the page where you can add notes, and it does help if you enter your membership number here. However, we do always check online orders to see if they are from current members, so if you forget please don’t worry. If you would like to change your existing membership type, simply select the new option, but do confirm the change in the free text field.

For further information contact the Membership Secretary on 01273 405737 (9.30am – 3pm, Monday-Thursday) or by email.

As a company limited by guarantee, members agree to pay a limited sum (£1) in the event of the company being wound up.