Learning at Fishbourne Roman Palace

Our award-winning team offers a variety of learning workshops to complement your visit to Fishbourne Roman Palace and Gardens. In our purpose-built education rooms, we bring the story of the site and of Roman Britain to life.


“It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I touched the 2,000 year old artefacts” James, Y5

The best field day our department has had

Find out more about our virtual learning workshops to support your learning experience in the classroom and to bring learning to life.

We offer workshops, trails and quiz booklets, talks and handling sessions to support your learning experience here at the site.

If you have particular requirements for your visit, then please do contact us.  We are always happy to prepare a specific workshop or adapt one in our core programme.

Discover more about opportunities for SEN and Home Educated students at Fishbourne Roman Palace by getting in touch.