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Your subscription will (except in the case of Life membership) run for 12 months from the start of the month in which you join.

If you would like a hardback edition of the Sussex Archaeological Collections instead of the paperback edition that is standard, please select from the dropdown box below. This incurs an additional cost of add £6 for Standard, Joint, Student and Family memberships and £70 for Life memberships.

If you live outside the UK, a £15 postage charge will be added.

You may also pay by direct debit (download a form here – payment will be collected within 2 weeks of receipt of your completed form) or by phone – call 01273 405737 between 10am – 3pm, Tuesday – Friday.

For further information contact our Membership Secretary on 01273 405737 (times as above) or by email.

As a company limited by guarantee, members agree to pay a limited sum (£1) in the event of the company being wound up.

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If you purchasing a Student membership please provide your student id

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If you are purchasing a family (2 adults) or joint membership please provide the name of the second adult member

Gift Aid

Please Gift Aid it! – I confirm I have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for that tax year. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify.

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