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The Collections Discovery Centre is home to all of the archaeological material discovered during excavation of the Palace in the 1960s, as well as the artefacts from all other excavations within 1 mile of the site. It also houses The Novium (Chichester District Museum) collection which comes from hundreds of sites across Chichester District. Please feel free to explore the building or ask at the museum reception desk about guided tours of the collections.

Anyone wishing to access the collections and their associated paper archives for research purposes is welcome to do so free of charge and by appointment (Mon-Fri, between 10am and 4pm). If you would like to do this then please get in touch with:

Rob Symmons ( for sites within one mile of the Palace, or

Amy Roberts ( for all other sites within Chichester District.

We are happy to accommodate researchers of all types. Please send a completed Research Proposal Form by email so that we can discuss your requirements. We are able to offer a range of laboratory facilities, and would be happy to discuss these as well. We house an extensive library of reference books relating to a wide range of Roman studies and archaeology.  The catalogue can be viewed here.  If you would like to visit the library, please contact Rob Symmons on the link above.

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