As we all know, the Society’s library has sadly been closed since last March, with just a curtailed email enquiry service managed stoically by one of our volunteers from home.

We are now getting ready for a gradual resumption of library services, taking care to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines for staff, volunteers and eventually visitors to Barbican House. We very much hope library members will be able to visit in person at some point in early Autumn, and these are our planned phases to achieve this.

Phase 1:

An enhanced enquiry service begins this week. A volunteer will work in the library with full access to its resources, though no members or visitors can be admitted yet.
Telephone and email enquiries will be most welcome, with scans of material, where feasible, provided for a fee.

Phase 2:

  • The enhanced enquiry service will be increased, with two library volunteers present daily.
    Still no access to members or other visitors.

Phase 3:

  • In addition to the enhanced enquiry service members will be able to book an appointment in advance to visit the library for research purposes.
    Visitor numbers will be restricted, and the library will be open Monday to Fridays only between 10:30 – 13:00 and 13:30 – 16:00, with no weekend visits.
    All visitors must check-in at the desk on the ground floor of Barbican House before proceeding to the library. No visits allowed without prior booking.
  • For updates please contact us by email on library@sussexpast.co.uk and also keep an eye on the Society Twitter feed @SAS_Library