Hi! My name is Finlay, and I have held the role of Finds Liaison Assistant since November of last year.

I am 23, and a Brighton native but I have been working all around Sussex since I left university.

I was lucky enough to study archaeology in my A-levels, where I benefitted from a great teacher who encouraged me to study further. I graduated with a BA in Archaeology from the University of Exeter in 2021.

Since then, I have been working as an archaeologist in Sussex which resulted in my interest in the finds aspect of archaeology specifically. So, when I saw this role, I jumped at the chance!

I love any and all finds, but my particular interest is in the Early Medieval period of Northern Europe, especially the coins!

I love the mixture of myth and history in this period as well as the incredible levels of sophistication displayed in craftmanship, and the amazing long-distance trade and exchange at work at the time that belies the idea of the ‘dark ages’. As such, I especially look forward to getting to study any artefacts from this period!