Membership FAQs

If you are thinking about the joining the Society, you may find this page helpful.  Do make sure you have read Become a Member, as that page does cover the essentials, and let me know if there is anything you think we should add.

1. How long will it take you to process my application to join?
If you join online, to will take a few days for your payment to clear.  As soon as this is done, your application will be processed and your welcome pack, including your membership card, will be sent to you by second-class post. Phone applications are usually processed on the day and postal ones on the day they reach the office, but this cannot be guaranteed.  If you join at the Society at any of our properties, it can take the paperwork a few days to reach me, but you should be issued with a temporary membership card, valid for one month, to allow you to visit our other properties while you are awaiting your joining pack.

2. How long does my membership last?
With the exception of Life membership, all our subscriptions run for a year from the month in which you join.

3. Can I buy membership as a gift?
Absolutely!  The best way is probably by phone, as you can then give all the details of where you would like the package to be sent, any special message you might like to include, and the date by which it is required.  If it’s easier for you to buy the membership online, it’s a good idea to email confirmation that it is a gift purchase and include the extra information above.

4. Can I take a guest to any of the Society’s events?
Non-members are welcome at all our events (except the AGM).  Ticket prices are as advertised.

5. When can I start using the Library at Barbican House?
You can visit the Library on any weekday that Barbican House Museum is open without having to be a member.  Members may also use the Library at weekends when it is unstaffed, and you will be asked to show your membership card and sign in.  As a new member, we would strongly recommend that your first visit to the Library is during the week when there will be someone who can show you around and direct you to the specific areas in which you are interested.

6. What publications do I receive as a member?
You will receive a copy of our newsletter, Sussex Past and Present, in April, August and December. A current copy is sent with your joining pack, and some back copies may be available – please ask.

You will also receive the Sussex Archaeological Collections, our academic journal, every year (usually around Christmas).  This is part of your subscription, but if you prefer not to be sent this, you may opt out by contacting the Membership Department. There is no difference in the subscription you pay whether or not to choose to have the journal.