Adopt a Piece of History: The Long Man of Wilmington – Terms and Conditions

Our adoptions are symbolic for donating and supporting our work to maintain and care for thousands of years of history across all our properties, conservation and education work.

Adoption does not mean ownership or part-ownership. The Long Man and its bricks remain in the ownership and care of the Sussex Archaeological Society.

The ‘adoption’ runs for the duration of 2023.

As a Scheduled Monument, access to the Long Man itself is only under Society supervision. The rights of way to the base of the figure are reasonably easy for walkers but are not suitable for wheelchairs.

The conservation work on the Long Man is currently scheduled to take place in summer 2023, though this may change. Please note that the site is high up on a very steep slope and is not accessible to those with additional mobility needs.

Given the protected nature of the site, strict guidance will be in place for those participating. The Society reserves the right to refuse access or remove from site anyone who does not comply.