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April 17, 2021

  • The accelerating pace of global warming is increasingly recognised as one of the greatest threats facing human communities worldwide.

During 2019 East and West Sussex County Councils respectively ‘declared’ and ‘noted’ the Climate Emergency which has also been declared by Sussex University. A past perspective is important in understanding the climate changes we now face, how they may impact on society and the strategies that may be developed to cope. Studies of the end of the last ice age have shown that once critical thresholds are crossed, affecting, for instance, patterns of oceanic circulation, climate change can be exceedingly rapid. Global warming and related increases in the incidence of extreme weather events increases coastal erosion, creating a need for sea defence upgrading and managed realignment, all of which have implications for coastal heritage. Global warming will also affect habitats of nature conservation importance and the archaeological sites they contain. Increased storm incidence may lead to greater soil erosion and flooding in some areas impacting heritage.

The way historic properties are conserved and managed are also likely to be affected.
Many organisations and interests have a part to play in ongoing debates which will identify more sustainable ways of managing the environment and heritage for the future. Sustainability as a concept cannot be conceived, or measured, in the short-term; it needs a long-term perspective and to this Archaeology and History can make important contributions.

This will be the theme of the joint CBA South East and Sussex Archaeological Society Conference. The Speakers will be: Lara Band, Professor Martin Bell, Professor John Boardman, Dr Hannah Fluck, Tor Lawrence, Professor Robert van De Noort, Dr Robyn Pender, Dr Matt Pope and Dr Marcy Rockman.

Conference Programme

Please email if you require the vegetarian lunch option or have any other dietary requirements.

Please note if Covid-19 restrictions are in place this conference will take place virtually.

Start: April 17, 2021 9:15 am
End: April 17, 2021 5:00 pm