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Fishbourne Roman Palace donation

Minimum Donation: £10.00

Make a donation to support the work of the Roman Palace!

Fishbourne Roman Palace is home to the largest collection of early mosaic floors in Britain.  This famous archaeological site was discovered in 1960, but the care and conservation of the site is an on-going process.  Currently we are working on a project to clean and conserve the mosaics, and to improve the experience for our visitors.

You can help by donating to the Roman Palace fund through this webpage.

Lindsey Davis offer 

Author Lindsey Davis is offering readers a free signed copy of one of her books in return for a donation of £10 or more to Fishbourne Roman Palace.

Please use this page to make your donation.

Lindsey Davis is well-known for her series of historical detective novels set in ancient Rome.  She is a great supporter of the Roman Palace and has based one of her books, Body in the Bathhouse, at this famous Roman site.  Find out more about Lindsey Davis and this time-limited offer by visiting her website.

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