Churches and Chapels of the South Downs National Park, by David Parsons and Robin Milner-Gulland


Characteristic of the South Downs National Park are small downland churches, many of which have stood for up to 1,000 years. But there are also some bigger, architecturally important churches, mainly on the fringes of the Park. Locked within their architectural biographies and their furnishings lie the many strands of the development of Christianity in southern England. To stumble upon one of these isolated churches and to enter their silent interiors seems like taking steps back in time. This book provides some introductory chapters on key aspects of churches and chapels within the South Downs National Park, and also contains descriptions of selected churches to guide your visits.

About the authors
David Parsons’ publications include the Council for British Archaeology Practical Handbook Churches and Chapels: Investigating Places of Worship.

Robin Milner-Gulland holds the titles of Emeritus Professor and 50th Anniversary Fellow at Sussex University. He is co-editor of the South Downs Series.

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