Sussex Archaeological Collections

The Sussex Archaeological Collections has been produced by the Society since its inception in 1846, and is a major scholarly contribution to the study of local archaeology and history.  The Collections are the first port of call for anyone researching the past of Sussex.  The Society has over 150 volumes completed to date.

As well as rescue archaeology reports, articles come from a variety of sources, and all are vetted by our editorial team to ensure that consistently high standards are maintained.

The Collections are produced annually.  Full digital copies of the Collections may be viewed on line at the Archaeology Data Services’ website – the Collections are released online in full two volumes behind the current one. Volumes available online from vol 137 may be accessed from here.  The most recently published volume is 156 (2018).  Volumes are generally ready for distribution by Christmas of the year to which they relate.

Individual SAC articles with links to online versions where available are included in the library online catalogue which can be searched by following this link.

Most individual members of Sussex Archaeological Society receive paperback copies of the Collections, the cost of which (including UK postage) is covered by the annual subscription. However, for an additional £6 members may opt to receive instead a hardbound copy of the journal. If you would prefer a hardbound copy, please contact Emma O’Neill, Membership Secretary, quoting your name, address and membership number for more details. You may also opt out of receiving volumes, although there is no reduction in your subscription if you do so.

If you are a potential author wishing to submit an article, whether a member of the Society or not, then please talk to our Editor, Luke Barber on 01273 405733, and download the Notes for Contributors.