Local History Workshops

These workshops delve into Shoreham’s past and encourage children to celebrate their local area.

Seaside (Key Stage 1)

Shoreham was a popular seaside  destination in the late 19th/early 20th century. Children learn about the simple pleasures of a holiday on the South Coast using a quiz based on our extensive collections.

Pirates, Smugglers and Shipwrecks (Key Stage 1)

Shoreham’s port has a long history. Children look at photos, documents and models to find out about its past and handle artefacts which tell of real pirates, smugglers and shipwrecks.

Films, Flight and Fun (Key Stage 2)

Shoreham has a surprising past: not only was it a pioneer of the silent film industry and at the forefront of the holiday camp phenomenon, it was also one of the first towns to have its own commercial airport. Children handle objects illustrating these and other links to the town’s hidden past.

The Second World War

The collections at Marlipins give insights into local life during the war, both military and civilian. Shoreham was a busy military centre since it had both an airport and a naval port. It was also the scene of heavy bombing.

Key Stage 1 and 2 children can handle a wide range of exciting artefacts and have the opportunity to meet a veteran of the conflict.