EFL groups

Lewes Castle welcomes students from abroad and those studying at English language colleges. It is advisable to book in advance as the castle is a popular attraction, especially in summer months, and we may not be able to accommodate your group. Please call Sean on 01273 486290 or email adminlewes@sussexpast.co.uk for help with planning and time-tabling your visit.

Guidelines for students and leaders.

Depending on the availability of staff, we also offer specially designed tours and workshops for adults and older teenagers learning English. Tours in French are also available. Please email educ@sussexpast.co.uk for more information.

Lewes Castle fact sheet for EFL students.

Handouts for French speakers: 7+ Le moyen âge pour enfants, 11+ Un conte de deux Guillaumes.

A 12 minute film, “Lewes Town”, can be seen in French in the museum cinema. Please ask for assistance at the welcome desk.

Handout for Spanish speakers 11+: El castillo de Lewes, el cuento de los dos Guillermos.

Audio for the film “Lewes Town” in Arabic. Audio for the fim in French is available on site.

Text of the film “Lewes Town” in Dutch, Arabic, Swedish.