Virtual Learning Workshops

Visit Fishbourne Roman Palace virtually from your classroom.

Our brand new virtual learning workshops are now available to book via our Palace Bookings Team.

Created for 2020, our museum experts will deliver our award-winning, curriculum-based workshops virtually, bringing learning to life and inspiring schoolchildren with interactive content, real artefacts and a live Q&A session. Each workshop is an hour long and suitable for up to 35 children.

Our Introductory Film is available to watch and discuss with your class as an introduction to the Palace before your session.

How a virtual learning workshop works:

1. You send us a list of questions from the children that you would like answered during the session and if there is a topic such as the Roman Army that you would like to look at.
2. We will put together a workshop, based on those that we already offer, that will last 60 minutes and can accommodate up to 35 children. This will include the question and answer session with the children.
3. We will arrange a time and date for the session to take place.
4. We will also send you a downloadable workbook and some workshops have additional support resources such as fact sheets or arts and crafts templates.
5. The workshop will be held as a Zoom meeting, using our replica Roman kitchen and Roman artefacts as a backdrop. A link will be sent to the email address provided in advance of the session. It works well on different hardware, so all you need is a laptop or computer with a built-in camera or microphone, a large display screen or projector and a reliable internet connection.

The cost of this will be £70.00 per Zoom session. Therefore, if you have 3 classes, each requiring the same virtual workshop in 3 separate sessions, the cost will be 3 x £70.00.

If you would like to arrange a workshop, please Contact Fishbourne Roman Palace