Activities: there are lots of dressing up clothes, trails, quizzes and activity boxes for families throughout the site. You can download some of the activities to bring with you on your visit. For details of activities in the school holidays see events or call 01273 474610.

Trails and quizzes: Tudor trail.

Stories to read: The Bed-Hole Mouse, Salt is Better than Gold, The Princess and the Horsehair Bed.

People to colour: kitchen jobs, a man fishing, a shepherd.

Firebacks to colour: lion passant, phoenix, master ironworker.

Recipes to try: crab apple jelly, dried crab apples or elderberries, knot biscuits, spicy biscuits.

Practicalities: please click here for parking in Lewes and a map of Lewes. Anne of Cleves House is a short walk from the train station and near bus routes. There are toilets on site. Parts of the house have level access but many rooms have steps and uneven floors.