The Longman of Wilmington is vandalised

Sadly this week the Scheduled Ancient Monument in our ownership and care, the Long Man of Wilmington, suffered vandalism when people unknown painted a white face mask onto the figure. The police are investigating this incident as a heritage crime and Historic England have been informed. Thankfully there is no long term damage and a team from  Michelham Priory House & Gardens were able to quickly respond and remove much of the paint.

Simon Dowe, our Interim Chief Executive, speaking to the press, said:

“We’re incredibly saddened that someone has deliberately damaged The Long Man of Wilmington, this Scheduled Ancient Monument which has been in place for centuries. We’re working closely with the police who are investigating the vandalism and we’ve already sent a team to try and rectify the damage. It’s important we protect and treasure monuments like these, so they survive for future generations to enjoy.”

For more information on the Longman of Wilmington watch our patron and author Tom Holland explore the possible beginings, folklores and history of the The Long Man of Wilmington with our President Professor Martin Bell. as part of a series of short films developed to mark the Society’s 175 anniversary this year.

The Long Man of Wilmington

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