Finds Liaison Officer, Sussex

The Portable Antiquities Scheme is the national programme run by the British Museum for the identification and recording of archaeological finds made by members of the public.  Every year thousands of archaeological objects are discovered, many of these by metal detectorists, but also by people walking or gardening. Finds that are reported to the Finds Liaison Officer are recorded on the database which is accessible to researchers and the public, therefore advancing our understanding of the history and archaeology of the county. Each object receives its own photographic record with a detailed description including its function, date range, measurements and findspot. The FLO is also responsible for the reporting of Treasure finds in accordance with the Treasure Act 1996 and working with local museums to facilitate their acquisition of important objects, ensuring Sussex’s heritage is secured for the future within the county.

Jane Clark, the Finds Liaison Officer (FLO) for Sussex in based at Lewes Castle Museum and can be contacted on