Secrets of the Shells

All archaeologists’ conclusions about the past are founded on (and re-written by) the work of a small army of specialists, striving to understand how the objects archaeologists dig up show us how people once used those objects. But most of this specialist work takes place behind the scenes, without the public knowing what specialists contribute. Greg Campbell, The Naive Chemist, with over twenty years experience as a marine shell specialist, will discuss his recent re-examination of the shells from Fishbourne Palace and its neighbouring sites.  this is the perfect opportunity to find out why some oysters are frilly but others are boat-shaped, how archaeologists’ attitudes to old shells have evolved over time, and the real reason important sites are protected by law.  To book a place, please contact




24/06/2020 18:00
24/06/2020 20:00
Fishbourne Roman Palace
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