Celts & Romans!

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Step back in time to when the palace was first built by visiting the Vicus encampment to find out more about daily life in Roman Britain.

The Vicus is an historical re-enactment society that portrays the Roman invasion of Britain in the 1st century AD, from the initial invasion of Claudius in 43 AD, though the revolt of Boudicca in 60-61 AD to the final battle against Roman rule at Mons Graupius in Scotland in 84 AD.  They portray military and civilian life for both the native iron-age tribes of Britain and the invading Roman Empire.

Watch the soldiers at training and see who fares best in battle – the Celts or the Romans?




Programme for the day

11am – Try your hand at Military Drill with the Vicus drill commander

12 noon – A talk and demonstration of Celtic and Roman weapons and armour and a talk through of the weapons & armour.

3pm – Celts v. Romans : pitting the native Britons against the invading Roman army!

4pm – Try your hand at Military Drill with the Vicus drill commander

Experience the Iron Age will also be on hand all weekend, giving visitors a chance to try their hand at Iron Age warrior training and to see what life was like in Britannia at the time of the Roman invasion.



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Fishbourne Roman Palace
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