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What happened in Sussex after the Roman period?

The time after the Romans is often known as the Dark Ages because it seems that we know less about what is happening at that time.  However, that is far from true. Archaeologists have uncovered incredible evidence of homes, livelihoods, political struggles, religious beliefs and beautiful artworks from the Saxon period.  The similarities and differences between this culture and that of the Roman period are fascinating.

Join us to discover more about daily life in Saxon Sussex, at a time when pagan beliefs were still strong.  Visit the Saxon village set up in the grounds of the Roman Palace, meet the members of Haestingas and find out about the food, crafts and weaponry of the Saxon age.  Enjoy the chance to wield a sword, play some Saxon games, try your hand at braid weaving and dress in traditional Saxon costume.  During the day, there will be displays of Saxon and Viking battle tactics, and a recreation of a pagan boat burial.

11am : Pagan Boat Burial

12 noon : Saxon & Viking Battle tactics

2pm : Pagan Boat Burial

3pm : Saxon & Viking Battle tactics

Fishbourne actually takes its name from the Saxon fysshburn, meaning stream containing fish.  After the Palace burned down and the site was abandoned there is evidence that people were still using the land.  One legend tells us that the area was known as the field of the Great Hall, perhaps a reference to the long lost Roman Palace that once stood there. The land probably became farmland, but there are also a couple of burials on the site.  No one knows who they are, exactly when or why these people were buried here.

The Roman influence on the south of England was strong, but the Saxon impact was perhaps even greater.  Don’t miss this unique opportunity to step back in time and discover more about this special period in our history.



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Fishbourne Roman Palace
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