Non-Society events

Many other organisations in and around Sussex hold events that are open to all.  A list of those we have been given details of is below – just click on the title to find out more.  Please do not try to book any of these through the Society, as we will not be able to help.  Details of whom to contact should be in the information provided by the organisers.


University of Sussex Archaeological Society Lecture Series 2018


Lewes Archaeological Group programme 2017/18


Regency Society lectures & events 2017/18


The Holleyman Archaeology Lecture 2018: Thursday 12 April 2018
From Sussex to Shetland: the archaeology of medieval coastal transport and trade by Dr Mark Gardiner, University of Lincoln.

Thursday 12 April 2018
Sussex University: Fulton Building Lecture Theatre A, Falmer.
How did sailors find their way around the coasts of Britain in the later Middle Ages? Newly discovered seafarers’ manuals or ‘rutters’ are beginning to give fresh insights into the changes which took place between 1200 and 1500 in the methods of navigation. Closely connected with this is a better understanding of how voyages were organized. With the increasing use of the magnetic compass, ships no longer needed to travel along the coast, but could set a course on the open sea for places over the horizon. Voyages ceased to be a series of coastal hops from shore-based overnight camps, but continued night and day. While the archaeological remains of ports have been studied for many years, the more elusive archaeology of coastal travel and trade is still little investigated. The remains of trading sites, fishing centres and victualling ports along the coast of Britain from Sussex northwards to Shetland are considered in this presentation.

This talk will be followed by a wine reception. Entrance by ticket: US students and staff, Members/Friends  of SSA, SAS and USAS: £8; others: £10. To book please see:

Surrey Archaeological Society – Roman Studies Group:
Saturday 5th May 2018, 10am-5.45pm, Shining a Light on the 5th century AD in Surrey and the South-East: How did Roman Britain become Saxon England? A conference organised by the Roman Studies Group of the Surrey Archaeological Society. Speakers include: Dr Peter Guest, Dr James Gerrard, Dr Sam Lucy, Dr Kate Mees, Prof. Helena Hamerow, Prof. John Hines, Dr Ellen Swift. Venue: Ashtead Pace Memorial Hall, Ashtead, Surrey. Fee: £15. Book online at:


Wilmington Priory Open Days in 2018
Wilmington Priory is owned by Sussex Archaeological Society but is let on a 99-year lease to the Landmark Trust. If you have never visited it, please note that the Landmark Trust is holding free open days there on the following dates:
Friday 11-Monday 14th May
Friday 14th -Monday 17th September.

Check their website for further details.



The SUSSEX SCHOOL OF ARCHAEOLOGY is offering this summer:

Friday 27th April, 11am-1pm. Guided tour of FISHBOURNE ROMAN PALACE, Guide: David Rudling. Fee: £10 (plus any entrance charges – free for SAS members). Email

Friday 27th April, 2-4pm: ROMAN CHICHESTER. Guide: David Rudling. Fee: £10. Email

Friday 4th May, 11am-1pm: BIGNOR ROMAN VILLA. Guide: David Rudling. Fee: £10. Email

Monday 2nd-Friday 6th July, 10am-5pm: ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATION TECHNIQUES, Tutors: various. The first of five such courses to be held at Plumpton Roman villa. Suitable for beginners or those with some experience. Fee: £200.

Saturday 7th July, 10am-4pm: PRACTICAL FLINT KNAPPING at Plumpton Roman villa, Tutor: Grant Williams. Fee: £45.

Saturday 14th July, 10am-4pm: INTRODUCTION TO ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATION, Tutor: Dr Caroline Russell. The second of five such ‘Taster’ days to be held at Plumpton Roman villa. Suitable for beginners. Fee: £40.

Monday 6th-Saturday 11th August, 10am-5pm: ADVANCED ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATION TECHNIQUES, Tutors: various. Fee: £280.

Saturday 8th September: FLINT TOOL MASTERCLASS at the Redoubt, Eastbourne, Tutor: Grant Williams. knap and haft your own flint tool and take it home with you! Fee: £75.

For further details and to book, contact the Sussex School of Archaeology on:;


The Rottingdean Whiteway Centre in partnership with the Sussex School of Archaeology are offering this summer:

Saturday 21st April, 10.00am-4.00pm: ARCHAEOLOGICAL ILLUSTRATION: FLINT AND STONE, Tutor: Jane Russell. Fee: £25.

Saturday 12th May, 10.00am-4.00pm: ARCHAEOLOGICAL ILLUSTRATION: METALWORK AND OTHER SMALL FINDS, Tutor: Jane Russell. Fee: £25.

Saturday 19th May, 10am-4pm: ROMAN-PERIOD POTTERY, BRICK & TILE FOUND IN SUSSEX, Tutor: Gordon Haydon. Fee: £25.

Saturday 16th June, 10am-12.30pm, THE PREHISTORIC ARCHAEOLOGY OF ORKNEY, Tutor: Jane Russell. Fee: £12.

For further details and to book, email or phone 07913 753493.