The Battle of Lewes Tapestry

A SPECIALLY designed tapestry, stitched by local embroiderers, was unveiled at Lewes Castle on the battle’s 750th anniversary in 2014.

Based on drawings by Lewes artist Tom Walker, the tapestry tells the story of the battle using appropriate 13th century embroidery techniques.

Some compromises were made in order to keep the project on track for completion by May 14.

Commercially woven linen cloth was used and yarns were bought from Renaissance Dyeing, a company in France specialising in plant dyed crewel wool yarns. Renaissance Dyeing also advised on the colours that would have been available in the 13th century. For further Information contact Sandy Hilly:

An illustrated booklet telling the story of the project is available from Barbican House Museum, Lewes. Price:£4.95.

*An additional group of embroiderers has embarked on a smaller piece of tapestry, designed by one of them, which is to be made entirely from handwoven linen. The yarn will also be spun and dyed by hand. For further information about this project, contact Jackie Bennett:

The unveiling: BBC News coverage

Tom Walker talks about his design


Detailed images